Leptitox Review: Things to Consider

For many people carrying excessive weight, losing weight is not exclusively based around diet and exercise. Exercise can actually cause weight gain and depending on the diet, certain foods may or may not be realistic for an individual. Medical conditions can also play a big role when deciding the best way to lose weight. Thyroid issues such as Hashimoto’s disease or hypothyroidism can make losing weight especially difficult. For some people, medicine is a key component to weight loss.

While a wide variety of medicine is available for weight loss, they do not all work the same. A few popular types of medicine include, diuretics (also known as “water pills”), stimulants and appetite suppressants. These can all have major side effects if not taken correctly. 

The weight loss supplement, Leptitox is an alternative way to lose weight without relying on diet and exercise as the only factors for success. According to their sales page, there are several anecdotes from customers who have used the supplement to slim down. From pregnancy weight to simple overeating, a variety of circumstances can cause weight gain. There are personal stories from several people who claim to have lost weight using Leptitox.

Calorie counting is said to be a proven method for weight loss by many non-professionals. While it makes sense that the less calories consumed, the less weight gain, this is not always realistic. The drastic amount of calories that need to be cut on a regular basis can lead many people to feel lethargic, hungry and depressed. When adding exercise to the equation, a lack of calories can fail to provide the amount of energy needed to complete a fitness routine or workout. Supplements can be a helpful aide during this process.

The Leptitiox sales page describes what leptin levels are and how that impacts hunger and the need for calories. When leptin levels are working as they should, humans feel full and do not crave additional food. They explain the Leptin Resistance Cycle as a cycle that starts when food is consumed. From there, the food and subsequent calories are stored in the body. Once fat releases adequate amounts of leptin, hunger should subside. For those who experience a resistance to leptin, the feeling of hunger continues regardless of the release of fat in the body.

The site explains that without proper leptin signals, the brain does not receive adequate messages in the brain to tell the body it is satisfied. Because of a resistance to leptin, hunger is experienced on an on-going basis.

Depending on how much weight a person needs to lose, dieting can take a long time before results are noticed. Although it’s common for some people to get discouraged and give up, according to the sales page of the Leptitox site, there may be other reasons for a lack of dieting success. Dieting may train the body to hold onto fat while still creating food cravings in the brain. From a graph that is posted on the site, the reader can clearly see that obesity and leptin resistance shows to have started around the 1950s. Since then, the weight gain has increased. 

Some of the Leptitox ingredients listed on the site include n-acetyl cysteine, burdock root, choline, chicory root, methionine and feverfew. Mixed together, the product formula has twenty two plant extracts that can act together for weight loss results.

There are many different ways to lose weight. Depending on an individual’s physical and emotional health, different paths may work better than others. By combining the methods of diet and exercise, supplements are often used to boost the results of this weight loss plan. According to the Leptitox sales page, this supplement is created in an FDA registered and Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility.